Вам виповнилося 18? / Did you turn 18? Did you turn 18?
Надмiрне споживання алкоголю шкiдливе для вашого здоров’я. Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health.
Подорослішай, друже! Growing up, friend!
About brewery

We are a small craft brewery from the small Ukrainian city of Vovchansk, Kharkiv Region. Our production philosophy is art, art in beer, art in the label, the glass, in everything related to beer. In this world, there should not be any limits, restrictions and common rules, so we decided to brew beer using different ingredients. For example, have you tried beer with berries and marshmallows or beer with tomatoes, hot peppers and shallots? How about a beer with ice cream? This is the kind of product that inspires us. Combine the incompatible, do experiments, create a unique product. Bring beer to another level of perception.

P.S. Since 02/24/2022, our brewery has been occupied by scum from the swamps, so we were forced to move to another city and are now producing beer on contract.

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